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Production of recycled chippings with BMD screening and crushing plant

Compact crushers and screens that can be transported on 3-axle roll-off tippers are the machines of choice when it comes to responding flexibly to demand. This was the case at Fritz Bauer GmbH, a waste management and demolition company in Weinheim-Sulzbach that ensures a trouble-free process not only when it comes to disposing of different waste demolition materials, but also for recovering and recycling valuable materials.


At Bauer’s recycling centre, Managing Director Sven Bauer often conducts experiments and tests on producing usable recyclate.The production of recycled chippings,however, with the company’s own fleet of machines did not prove optimal with regard to both economic and organizational aspects. The small quantities produced were also very quickly sold out. In August 2017, a relatively large order for high-grade recycled chippings with 3/8-grade had to be met for a customer from the gardening and landscaping sector. Paving chippings from demolition waste is a sought-after alternative to chippings crushed from natural rock. The price per tonne, for example, is reported to be around a third cheaper.


For the BMD construction machine service based in Heidelberg, the hire contract was a welcome opportunity to demonstrate its two trade-fair-premiered products – the RA 700/7 jaw crusher and the CS4 screen – working together, in full-on operation. Easy transport logistics, fast readiness for operation and attractive throughput rates are the features of the two new container-mobile machines – the contract could be fulfilled quickly in an uncomplicated process at Bauer‘s recycling centre.


The CS4 screen, a particularly efficient machine in its class, enables easy and fast screening in three fractions of the building rubble crushed by the jaw crusher – with a capacity up to 120 t/h. The result was the required high-grade paving chippings in the 3/8 size. At the operating site, the compact CS4 was able to unfold to its full size. All three hydraulically folded belt conveyors were extended, enabling the screen to deliver the required paving chippings as well as sand and 45-size grain. The screen can be either be operated at the company’s own recycling centre connected to the plug socket, or directly, as in Weinheim, in combination with the 35 kVA generator installed on the RA 700/7 jaw crusher.


With the improved technical performance data Bauer was very satisfied. The telescopic belt conveyor extended to a discharge height of 2.60 m enables a 60-%-larger material cone volume, as a result of which fewer wheel loader trips are necessary, freeing up the wheel loader for other duties. A higher suspension of the magnetic separator improves the discharge in the scrap container, at the same time the crusher inlet has been changed so that longer feed pieces are possible. A new suspension system for the vibration channel leads to greatly optimized conveying and vibrating behaviour, which has a noticeably positive effect especially when wet and therefore sticky demolition material is processed.


Another important new feature is provided by a 35-kVA power generator, now with 15-kW reserve for additional consumers. Here, a generator mode with 35-kVA is also possible without crusher operation. The RA 0700/7 is also available with a 50-kVA generator. The economic reasons, on the one hand, are the economical John-Deere engine with only 6- instead of approx. 9-l consumption as well as the long service time of the crusher jaws with 800 operating hours. On the other hand, the machine scores points with an hourly throughput rate of around 30 – 40 t/h for the size 0 – 45 mm or 50 – 80 t/h for a particle mix of 0 – 80 mm.


Also valued by customers is the vibrated channel under the crusher that ensures optimum accessibility and effectively prevents downtime and expensive belt conveyor damage. Whether it’s the magnetic separator for reinforcing bars or dust suppression with fogging – overall the RA 700/7 comes with economic and technical strengths which, coupled with simple and clear operation (with fault diagnostics system), ensure a sustainably efficient performance with high work safety at the same time.


The simple set-up, the easy handling and the good accessibility and the unproblematic transport with a three-axle roll-off tipper and trailer make the 14.3-t jaw crusher and the 8-t screen with their compact dimensions an interesting package for small-to-medium waste management and demolition companies to process contracts quickly, reliably and economically.




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