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Dear Readers,

Latin America has always been a synonym for mining, ore extraction and a wealth of natural resources. The article by Dr. Joachim Harder from page 36 analyzes the current conditions of the economic development with a view to mining and an outlook for the years to come while addressing the country-specific development.


In summary, however, the author acknowledges that the Latin American mining industry is in vogue and has bottomed out due to the investments made there in recent years.


Gold as a by-product? This is actually the case in gravel quarries and sand works – and even in Germany, 20 - 30 kg of gold can be produced annually. Here, troughs lined with carpets or mats or related methods are applied. How the efficiency of such methods can be increased, is investigated in the article “Soap Gold” by Dr. Uwe Lehmann from page 50.

Have an insightful reading!

Dr. Petra Strunk
Editor-in-chief of AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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