Satisfied customers

Don’t you feel exactly the same way? As long as you have the feeling that a business partner takes your requirements seriously and is looking together with you for an economic and comfortable solution, you will remain true to him as a customer. Thus, your satisfaction is the prerequisite for the longstanding success of a company. An example for this is the STEINERT Elektrotechnik GmbH, which used their 125th company anniversary as an opportunity to organize their company trade fair STEINERT OPEN 2014 (from p. 22). During an interview on the occasion of the steinexpo 2014, Dinggui Gao, the President of Sandvik Construction since October 2013, also attributed the success of the company, which was founded 1862, amongst other things, to the close contact to the customer (from p. 52): the development of products in response to customer demands is not rare. In addition to further reports on solution approaches in our category Focus Industry, which reflect the satisfaction of the customers, in his contribution Dr. Harder investigates the question, amongst other things, why are data concerning the statistical lifetime of mineral resources so controversial (from p. 58).

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Ulrike Mehl

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