Tin-lithium exploration license in Saxony/Germany

The Upper Mining Authority of Saxony has granted Tin International a new exploration license in the Eastern Ore Mountains of Saxony/Germany. The license covers an area of 15 km2 around the Hegelshöhe hillside (“Hegelshöhe”) and is located just 5 km south-east of the Sadisdorf license which Tin International already develops together with Joint Venture partner Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT).

The “Hegelshöhe” license has been granted for the duration of five years and shares its northern border with the “Falkenhain” license which is being explored by Deutsche Lithium and its partner Bacanora Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V:BCN). “Hegelshöhe” is located in the same regional geological formation which hosts the lithium mica deposits of Sadisdorf, Zinnwald and Cinovech/Czech Republic. Based on the historic mining and exploration activities in this area, Tin International considers the likelihood of discovering substantial tin-lithium mineralization as very high and will immediately commence its proposed exploration programme..



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