Universally applicable

Mineral sorting with multiple sensing features

Summary: A sensor-based sorting system based on complex image analysis has been developed at Comex AS Norway. It enables the separation of mineral particles by colour, shape, texture, size, density and indirectly by composition. This sorting system has been successfully tested and applied for sorting minerals. In this application, high separation ­efficiency in the range of 95–99.9 % was achieved. The main advantage of this system is derived from its universality with many material parameters being analysed in the same processing unit in a single pass.

Sensor-based sorting systems available on the market today must demonstrate sufficient flexibility to permit their application in a wide range of conditions. Typical challenges for the sorting systems include the need 

• to process small and large particles at the same time

• to enable complex analysis that takes into account the different colour intensity of the particles

• to ensure accurate sorting despite varying particle trajectory and particle rotation.

The sorting system from Comex enables the separation of different particles by means of sophisticated image processing. The analysis...

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