Weighing while loading

RDS Weighlog Alpha 10 (Fig.) is a mobile weighing system for wheel loaders, front-end loaders and forklifts that enables weighing during loading. The operating principle is based on hydraulic pressure measurement. Weighing is performed statically and/or dynamically depending on the application and the type of machine. In the Weighlog Alpha 10, two pressure sensors are used for the simultaneous measurement at the pressure and counter-pressure side (lifting). In the Weighlog Alpha 10 T4 for telescopic loaders and tele wheel loaders, four pressure sensors are used on account of the special technical conditions. Weighing is performed only dynamically in the lifting process.


The advantages of the mobile weighing system:

• Compact system with 4.3” touch colour display

• Fully configurable for the specific application

• Integrated memory with SD card and USB stick

• Up to four pressure sensors can be connected for telescopic loaders

• High depth of diagnosis for all sensors, for instance with graphic display of the pressure measurement progress.



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