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AT: Give us a catchword that in your opinion best characterizes the SOLIDS 2015:

Björn Finger: A catchword characterizing the fair from my point of view is “discovery platform”. Every participant, no matter whether visitor or exhibitor, has the aim to discover something. From the point of view of the visitors it is often the discovery of a solution for a certain task specification or, if the solution is known, the discovery of appropriate suppliers. From the point of view of the exhibitors it is the discovery of those interested or customers and the corresponding dialogue. Due to its wide range, the fair offers the right platform for many of the bulk solids sector who are looking for something.

AT: What are the novelties or products, respectively, you will present at the SOLIDS 2015?

Björn Finger: Based on our 75 years of experience gained in the field of vibration and weighing technology, we will now combine both technologies. For this reason we have developed a series of loss-in-weight feeders including vibrating conveyors for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. The vibrating conveyor plays a decisive role for the loss-in-weight feeders. We manufacture vibrating conveyors on a high quality level and continuously develop them further.

The loss-in-weight feeders consist of standard components and are designed according to the unit-assembly system. However, we are also always able to offer customised adaptations for special application cases, which are not covered by our standard so as to meet the requirements of our customers. A fully operational model will be presented at our stand.

AT: What is the special feature of SOLIDS 2015 in your opinion?

Björn Finger: Due to the venue in the centre of the Ruhr district, the fair has developed into a very good Meet & Greet mainly for the German bulk solids processing industry. Both final customers and plant construction firms meet here with suppliers also to discuss and exchange ideas concerning the international trends. A special feature is that the fair SOLIDS addresses an audience from different industries resulting in a varied dialogue.

AT: How do you assess the future development of your business field?

Björn Finger: We see that the advisory service for customers is becoming more and more important. Since our products are used in the most different sectors (rock and associated products, steel production, recycling, chemistry, food, pharmaceutical products etc.), a very good knowledge of the sector is necessary in addition to a very good product know-how. Only in this case can the advisory service become added value for the customer. In particular this applies to the foreign business since here is the greatest chance of expansion. Within the framework of this strategic alignment we established a new company (AViTEQ Industrial Technical Co. Ltd) in China in April 2015.

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