Dear readers,

At the end of September, about 900 exhibitors from all over the world will present the latest developments in the processing, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids at the POWTECH 2017. Please consult our special and read the cover story.

Diamonds are the only reliable thing in the world - we have known this at least since Marilyn Monroe’s hit “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. And perfectly cut raw diamonds are much coveted luxury goods which are also used in industry. Whether synthetically made diamonds will enjoy the same appreciation in the long run, remains to be seen. Dr. Joachim Harder provides insight into current market developments and explains important trends. In their article on the dynamics of the sieving process , Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Teipel and Selina Schlotzhauer show that the sieving process is a highly time-dependent operation and that sieving time is one of the most important process-relevant influencing variables.

Much success at the fair!

Ulrike Mehl