steinexpo 2017: Unexpected increase in available area

The order of magnitude of the extraction of rock raw materials directly depends on the demand. For this reason, the predicted state of extraction in the fair quarry of the steinexpo 2017, a facility of Mitteldeutsche Hartstein-Industrie AG (MHI) located in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden, has already been reached earlier. This means that the area available for demonstration purposes will be larger than originally expected. Thus, other companies will have an opportunity for optimum presentations.

The available gross area for the 10th steinexpo in 2017 had been planned to be 180 000 m² as with the previous event. According to current information, now particularly the demonstration areas B and C will be expanded by about 40 add­itional exhibition areas due to the quicker progress of the extraction activities. This results in new presentation opportunities particularly for interested companies requiring smaller areas. Due to the total growth of more than 1000 m² of additional net area, particularly on the area C those exhibitors will benefit who want to show their processing technologies. Mainly manufacturers and suppliers of construction machinery and equipment will be present on the area B, which will also be larger. 

According to the current state of registration, the level of interest in presentations at the steinexpo 2017 is very high. As the organizer, Geoplan GmbH has informed, already about 170 exhibitors with approximately 250 different brands have been registered for the fair. Consequently, about 90 % of the available areas have already been covered. In addition, Fair Project Manager Andrea Friedrich confirmed: “Not only the open-air areas are rated highly by the exhibitors. Also our concept of open pavilions, which was introduced for the first time during the last steinexpo, has met with great approval. Many stands in the planned halls with an area size of 2000 m² each have already been booked. Thus, also the halls will be used to capacity much earlier than the last time.”

Consequently, it already seems sure now that, compared to its predecessors, the 10th edition of steinexpo will grow. Furthermore, there will be interesting new offers for the visitors, such as the stand for 250 guests creating a stadium flair during the joint demonstrations in the lower area A as well as two lifts of 30 m height at the quarry faces between the areas B, C and D for optimum visitor tours with shortened walking distances.

Furthermore, the Fair Manager Dr. Friedhelm Rese is already pleased as the fair approaches, i.e. the communication via the facebook page of steinexpo 2017 is picking up speed with the growing excitement at the prospect of the fair: “Our appearance in the social media is a good opportunity to quickly spread new information as regards the events during the run-up and during the fair. Furthermore, it offers an excellent basis to bring together the opinions of experienced professionals and interested young people. This lively type of offer and the exchange of ideas via the facebook page goes down very well.”


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