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Volume measurement with 3D LiDAR
© Blickfeld

Volume measurement with 3D LiDAR
© Blickfeld
At POWTECH 2022, Blickfeld will showcase a solution for measuring the volume of bulk material, in real time – making the asset management process more efficient and enabling companies to digitally record their inventory:

· Live Demo ”Volume measurement with 3D LiDAR” at the Blickfeld booth 3-677 in Hall 3

· Presentation ”Accurate on-demand volume measurement of bulk materials with 3D LiDAR Sensors”: Joachim Dilger, Blickfeld GmbH, on Sept. 28, 3:30-4:00 p.m., expert forum stage talks in Hall 3, Booth 3-153

This solution will provide bulk solid processing companies with an overview of their inventories at all times, enabling them to achieve higher efficiency gains by digitizing their processes. Plant manufacturers in process technology that don’t integrate the technology from the onset, can integrate the technology at a later date with little installation effort.


From analog estimation to digital measurement

Today, companies usually work across long distances, leading to inaccurate estimates or analog measurement methods of the volume of their bulk material inventory. A 3D-LiDAR-based measurement system from Blickfeld replaces these analog methods with digital methods, ensuring that the information can be accessed at all times without any time delay.


How volume measurement with 3D-LiDAR works

Blickfeld’s LiDAR solution records the stock in real time using sensors that use eye-safe and invisible laser beams, creating a virtual network over the stock. The associated ”Blickfeld Percept” software provides users with the measurement data they need to improve their planning – making the measurement process more efficient and further digitizing the supply chain.

Hall 3, Booth 3-677


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