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Ulrike Mehl

Ulrike Mehl
Research is conducted in order to further develop existing procedures and to improve existing methods and processes as well as products. Research is therefore an essential component for the economic development of companies and ultimately also for the prosperity of a society.

An omnipresent topic is the digital transformation in companies, which would be unthinkable without corresponding developments. For example, the BEUMER GROUP is working – also in close cooperation with research institutions – on how software solutions can be used to respond to growing market requirements in order to offer added value for customers, see interview starting on p. 36.

Another forward-looking field of research is the development of sustainable building materials. The technical article starting on p. 50 deals with the following question: how suitable are secondary raw materials from the demolition and construction industry for the production of novel geopolymer construction materials?

You can also read the article on the newly developed ERC® 25-25 eccentric roll crusher from tk Mining Technologies GmbH in an industrial test plant in Australia from p. 42. You can find more practical application examples in the Focus Industry section from p. 6.

I wish you many interesting insights and suggestions for your own research ideas while reading this issue.


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