AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide is the counterpart to AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe and is an English-only edition distributed exclusively outside Europe.

Focusing on the various process stages of mineral processing, such as crushing and agglomerating, screening and classifying, material transport and storage, the journal highlights both technical and economic aspects.

The target audience of AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide are decision makers in mining and extraction industries (ores, potash and salt, fertilizers), non-metallic mineral extraction and processing, sand and gravel plants, other processing industries (cement, lime and gypsum) and construction waste recycling plants.

Issue 04/2024 Versatile application

Three impact crushers with double-deck post screening unit at work in natural stone and recycling

Three new mobile impact crushers plus a screening plant started operation last summer in southern France. Different tasks and different final products are some of the challenges dealt with flexibly by...

Issue 04/2024 Reducing CO2

MPS mill now uses waste heat from a PFR kiln, saving 600 t of CO₂ annually

In the interest of environmental protection, operating cost considerations, and natural gas savings in times of natural gas scarcity, a grinding plant at the Merdingen plant of Hans G....

Issue 04/2024 Free hovering

Substantial cost savings with effective dust control

Scrapetec specialists work continuously on solutions for addressing specific challenges at conveyor system transfer points in industries where dust and material spillage are significant concerns. This...

Issue 04/2024 ‘e’ hybrid variant offers a plug-in option

Sandvik hybrid scalping screen for recycling operation

Playing their part in the drive towards a more sustainable future, Stuart Partners Ltd. have recently invested in a Sandvik QE342e hybrid scalper for their recycling operation and will soon see the...

Issue 04/2024 Comprehensive expertise

REMA TIP TOP sets global standards for the maintenance of industrial equipment

REMA TIP TOP is a global industrial maintenance operator applying its techniques and products in more than 170 countries. With an extensive expertise maintenance background, the company assists...

Issue 04/2024 Clean sweep for circularity

Belt cleaning systems facilitate the transformation of waste incineration slag into construction aggregates

Transforming incinerator bottom ash (IBA) into construction aggregates – and recovering the metals at the same – is a circularity success story that’s not without its challenges. Yet one of the...