AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide is the counterpart to AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe and is an English-only edition distributed exclusively outside Europe.

Focusing on the various process stages of mineral processing, such as crushing and agglomerating, screening and classifying, material transport and storage, the journal highlights both technical and economic aspects.

The target audience of AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide are decision makers in mining and extraction industries (ores, potash and salt, fertilizers), non-metallic mineral extraction and processing, sand and gravel plants, other processing industries (cement, lime and gypsum) and construction waste recycling plants.

Issue 2021-11 Consistent and controlled

Flow aids resolve bulk material handling issues

I‌n order to achieve controlled and consistent flow on conveyors handling large volumes of bulk material, transfer chutes and vessels must be designed not just to accommodate – but to actually...

Issue 2021-11 Charging system for haul trucks

ABB unveils game-changing ABB Ability™ eMine to fast-track transition to ­all-electric mines

A‌BB has launched the ABB Ability™ eMine, a portfolio of solutions that will help accelerate the move towards a zero-carbon mine. ABB also unveiled the piloting of the groundbreaking ABB Ability eMine...

Issue 2021-11 Valuable residues

Coal tailings reprocessing and fines recovery

Summary: There are a large number of slurry ponds of coal tailings in countries like India. Not only these pose Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks but also an opportunity to recycle and...

Issue 2021-11 New standards

Efficient dust binding due to newly developed throwing body

I‌n 1995, FRUTIGER launched the first tyre washing system under the brand name MobyDick, which made it possible to clean the wheels of construction vehicles without stopping. This innovation...

Issue 2021-11 Real-time analysis

Digitally enabled smart crusher can transform the industry

I n the aggregates industry, crushing to customer specifications is a must. For applications like asphalt and railway ballast in particular, meeting the correct particle size distribution and particle...

Issue 2021-11 “Landfills are a thing of the past”

Boosting processing capacity at Repurpose It

M‌elbourne based recycling company Repurpose It has seen its investment in a Terex Ecotec TRS 550 paying off, with its aggressive flip-flow screening boosting processing capacity of soil and compost...