HANNOVER MESSE 2022: Focus on digitalization and decarbonization

Following a two-year absence, in 2022 it is once again time: HANNOVER MESSE will run 25 to 29 April as a physical fair – supplemented by a comprehensive range of digital services for exhibitors and visitors. The lead theme “Industrial Transformation” focuses on digitalization and decarbonization of industry.

Hannover Messe 2022 to be held as a physical trade fair from 25 to 29 April
© Deutsche Messe

Hannover Messe 2022 to be held as a physical trade fair from 25 to 29 April
© Deutsche Messe
"The past few months have shown that digital formats cannot replace a real trade fair," said Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG. "In April 2022, a full Hannover Exhibition Center will spotlight innovations and foster face-to-face contact. Visitors from all over the world will find new solutions suppliers for the automation and digitalization of their production processes. Furthermore, we focus on climate protection. The exhibitors will showcase new technologies and services that significantly reduce CO2 emissions of industrial companies."

HANNOVER MESSE also offers virtual services that expand the physical event. "HANNOVER MESSE brings together the best of both worlds, enriching our offer with innovative digital opportunities for involvement. Companies can participate physically, hybrid or purely digitally – the last two options provide additional leads and reach in the virtual space," explained Köckler.

HANNOVER MESSE focuses on industrial transformation, which is driven by two megatrends: digitalization of industry an reduction of C02 emissons.

Digitization covers topics such as networking, data analytics, the Internet of Things, platforms, artificial intelligence and IT security. Companies that want to remain globally competitive must take advantage of digitalization to develop, manufacture and sell products faster and more efficiently. In Hanover, companies from the electrical engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, software and IT sectors will be demonstrating how the automation and digitalization of entire production and business processes can succeed.

Innovative solutions enable industry to react responsibly to growing political and social debates about environmental protection. At HANNOVER MESSE, companies from the energy sector, among others, will be presenting how industrial companies can significantly reduce their energy consumption and C02 emissions. With these future technologies, industry makes a significant contribution to reaching national and international climate goals.

Köckler: "With the lead theme Industrial Transformation and the combination of the physical trade fair with new digital products, HANNOVER MESSE brings the future of industry to life. This means that in April 2022 we will finally be going 'back to the future' of industrial production."


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