MB Crusher’s units help construction sites to finish the job on time

It can often be difficult to complete the work on time – for example, when a construction site in a large city center or densely populated metropolitan area is subject to many restrictions, such as limitations on vehicle operating hours, logistical difficulties due to traffic restrictions, limitation of noise and dust. Apart from the difficulty of finding raw materials and having them available quickly. If such restrictions are not well managed, they have a strong impact on the construction site, causing delivery delays and thus penalties, increased fixed costs, downtime due to delays in finding and delivering materials, and obstructions for traffic and residents.


Construction site number 1: how to speed up the entire process

On a demolition site in Épinay-sur-Seine/France, in the middle of houses and busy streets, it was impossible to block or slow down traffic for long periods of time to allow trucks to come and go from the job site. Nevertheless, material for the foundation and backfills was needed on short notice. Plenty of inert material was available, as demolition of a section of the building had produced reinforced concrete, bricks, plaster and gypsum. By crushing them with a BF80.3 crusher bucket installed on a Yanmar SV100 excavator, the materials were immediately ready to reuse on site – and thus complete the site on schedule.

© MB Crusher

© MB Crusher

Construction site number 2: Avoidance of truck traffic and traffic obstructions

In Jiangsu Province/China, a construction site was located above a subway station. Traffic obstructions or too many trucks driving to and from the construction site would have caused major disruptions and extended delivery times. Here, too, it was necessary to quickly obtain suitable material to fill the new structures. A BF80.3 was installed on a Sany 215 to reduce the particle size of the construction debris. This meant no more downtime while waiting for material and no more trucks coming in and out of the site - all in the interest of local traffic.

© MB Crusher

© MB Crusher

Construction site number 3: Immediate availability of ready-to-use material

In New York State, after a heavy snowfall, the roof of a house could not withstand the snow load, collapsed and destroyed the entire porch. There was nothing left to do but to dismantle the remains and rebuild the house. Using a John Deere 180G and an MB-G1200 grapple, the contractor sorted the lumber and stacked it in one truck, while creating a separate pile for all of the concrete. An MB-S14 screen bucket was then used to screen rock and soil to provide material for use in the new building. To reinforce the foundations, an MB-S14 screen bucket was used to separate rocks and soil from the surrounding area. The stones and rubble were then crushed to the appropriate size for the new foundations. All of the materials remained within the construction site.


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