Sandvik introduces Stage V compliant underground loaders

© Sandvik

© Sandvik
After extensive development work and thorough field testing, Sandvik prepares to launch its first Stage V compliant underground loaders for hard rock mining applications. Achieved with more than 10 000 hours of LHD testing underground, on multiple customer sites in Europe, and with millions of hours of on-highway experience from Volvo, the new technology meets customer expectations, equipment performance requirements and the most stringent emission regulations valid at the moment. The base engine and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) purifier are proven Volvo technology, enhanced now with a ceramic Diesel Particle Filter (DPF).


As a result of the collaborative product development work, the engine – delivered by Volvo Penta – and Sandvik load and haul equipment work seamlessly together to maintain productivity and reliability in the most challenging environments. The benefits of Stage V compliant loaders include reduced amount of particles in the diesel exhaust, helping the mines to improve air quality underground. Additionally, the Stage V loaders are capable of operating with up to 3 % reduced fuel consumption compared to the lower Stages.


Another key enabler for the equipment availability is passive regeneration of the diesel particulate filter; the soot accumulated in the filter is burned off during equipment normal operation, without the need for frequent stand still regeneration. A new feature in the Stage V engine is the modulating engine brake which enables the operator to adjust the engine braking power, allows better control of vehicle speed downhill, and minimizes brake and transmission overheating and brake wear. Both the modulating engine brake and the passive regeneration contribute to the equipment high uptime.


Added benefits of the Stage V engines include high altitude operating capability, reaching as high as up to +3500 m above the sea level, and lower noise levels compared to previous Stages. Sandvik will be adding Stage V compliant loaders and trucks to its offering as of early 2020, starting with the newest intelligent loaders Sandvik LH517i and Sandvik LH621i. The Stage V engines will be globally available as options but requiring ultra-low Sulphur fuel and low-ash engine oil to operate.

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