Pneumatic flotation Application of Hybrid Flotation in the beneficiation of iron ore

Summary: Primetals Technologies has already successfully introduced the Hybrid Flotation technology for beneficiation of non-ferrous metals. The increasing demand for highly enriched iron ore concentrate with low silicate and sulfide content as feed material for pelletizing systems also makes this technology very interesting for iron ore beneficiation. The company carried out a test campaign with its own Hybrid Flotation cell in the laboratory. An iron ore concentrate containing 67 % Fe and 1.3 % S was used as the feed material. The target of the test campaign was to reduce the sulfur content to below 0.4 % in the final concentrate. The required iron recovery was at least 95 %. The results of the campaign show an overfulfillment of the set targets and thus confirm the potential of Hybrid Flotation technology in the application as a rougher-cleaner combination. The Hybrid Flotation technology was able to produce a final concentrate with a significantly reduced sulfur content.

1 Introduction

Iron production generally follows a fixed process chain. Ore extraction in the mine is followed by the downstream processes of beneficiation, pelletizing or sintering, followed by the blast furnace or direct reduction process (Fig. 1).

In the beneficiation system, the flotation is a sorting process that assures achievement of the mineral contents necessary for the downstream processes. Each of the downstream processes imposes different requirements on the particular feed material, such as the concentrate, the pellets, etc. The sulfur content in the feed material is...

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