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Schenck Process GmbH of Germany (“Schenck Process”) and FCT-ACTech Pty Ltd of Australia (“FCT”) announce the signing of a Sales Representation Agreement for the promotion of FCT’s Continuous On-Stream Mineral Analyser (COSMA) by Schenck Process in multiple territories including the European Union (excluding Scandinavia), North and South America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, India and China (Fig.). This co-operation further strengthens Schenck Process’ position as a global supplier of solutions for weighing, feeding, screening and automation throughout the industrial process industries and provides Australian based FCT with an enhanced coherent access to international markets for on-line mineral analysis, a quality control application of growing significance to end users for example in the cement and metallurgical industries for the feeding of primary and secondary (alternative) fuels.

FCT have developed and patented the first continuous field-based on-stream mineral analyser based on innovative XRD analysis technology and is set to revolutionise the field of quality control and subsequently the optimisation of production costs in a wide range of industries. The COSMA solution designed for in-plant deployment (rather than laboratory use) uses XRD and Rietveld technologies and provides “real time” information for automated process control and optimisation e.g. in cement mills and kilns, ore roasters and smelters or concentration plants.

Traditional mineralogical monitoring methods rely on laboratory-based rather than on-line measurements resulting in “after-the-event” adjustments to plant control conditions, often hours after the goods have actually been produced. COSMA is addressing industry needs for on-line “real time” data acquisition during the production process. By means of an analogy, in the context of baking a cake, on-line material analysis before a central process plant e.g. cement kiln is a way of ensuring that the correct amount of the correct ingredients are put into the cake mixture. However, on-line mineralogical analysis during or after the central process plant including the pyro process is a way of determining that the cake itself has been properly baked thus providing producers with a safety net for their quality control & plant optimisation and thus delivering a means of significantly enhancing bottom line profits.

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