Winning technology ­promoting the ­excellence of belt conveying

Beltcon 16, Johannesburg/

South Africa (03.-04.08.2011)

The International Materials Handling Conference and Exhibition, Beltcon, takes place in Johannesburg/South Africa on 03.-04.08.2011. This conference has been held every two years over the last 32 years. It has earned a well-deserved reputation as the reference point for information sharing, discussion of new developments in the industry and the latest in design, research and case studies presented by world renowned academics and leaders in the field of belt conveying. Only papers that contain new and unpublished material and that meet stringent quality standards are presented. These review new technological developments in the bulk solids and materials handling industry, offer fresh insights into the problems and solutions encountered by manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, spark questions and discussion, and generally stimulate progress in belt conveying. The programme, authors, paper synopses and general details can be accessed on the web site,


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Beltcon 16, Johannesburg/South Africa (03.-04.08.2011)

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