Innovative multitalent that can open on both sides

Achenbach Metalltechnik, with the greatest variety of
hoods worldwide, has developed a new multitalent that perfectly meets the requirements of the customers, with the ability to open on both sides simply and always reliably – the new SuperTec hood (Fig. 1).


In part, opening systems offered in the market require immense assembly efforts because the sliding hinges to be arranged on the hoods have to be assigned exactly to the individual and short steel angles that support the hood, and have to be mounted separately. Up to 12 screws per hood have to be arranged during the preassembly of these systems. The new SuperTec hood eliminates these disadvantages since generally only 4 screws are needed even when the hoods can open on both sides (Fig. 2). Like almost all hood attachments from Achenbach, those of the SuperTec are also of stainless steel.


With the SuperTec, which will be presented at the steinexpo 2011, the company from the Siegerland region succeeded in combining easy assembly and high utility value. Thus, relatively low costs for the (subsequent) enclosure of belt conveyors may essentially contribute to improve the profitability of the plant due to an all-year operation independent of the weather.

The aspects of environmental protection – no material is discharged into the environment, of accident prevention – no intervention in the running belt, and of emission reduction – in the case of plants near places of residence, have been taken into account. Many of the longest belt conveyors of the world have been enclosed with hoods from Achenbach. These and other protective hoods from Achenbach will be shown at the steinexpo 2011, stand P118.


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