Liebherr articulated dump truck

The new TA 230 (Fig.) that Liebherr is exhibiting at the 2011 steinexpo is the first model in a new articulated dump truck model line. This addition to Liebherr’s already extensive range of earthmoving machinery is in response to growing market demand for equipment capable of handling the complete task of loading and transporting material from the construction site. Another reason for introducing this additional type of machine is the steadily increasing importance of the rental market, on which complete machine fleets play an important role. The new model line will initially be available as an addition to the equipment rental fleet of the Europe-wide Liebherr-Mietpartner organisation.

Compact dimensions, high payload

The TA 230 combines the compact transport dimensions of a 25-t machine with the payload of the next-higher category. Its width for transport purposes is under 3 m, but at the same time the TA 230 has a dump body volume of 19.0 m³, with a shape specially designed for rapid dumping action.

The three strongly constructed rigid axles are the basis for an extremely high-performance 6 x 6 driveline, with automatic transmission and torque converter. The new Articulated Dump Truck is driven by a 10.5-litre 270 kW (367 hp) D936LA6 diesel engine from the current Liebherr programme, which conforms with the ­Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emission limits. With this powerful engine the dumper can reach 57 km/h on a level surface. Only four reverse gears are provided, with the travel speed limited electronically to 16 km/h. The dumper has an ideal oil-cooled wet brake system acting on the front and centre axles for maximum safety.

Functional machine design, striking appearance.

The new Liebherr TA 230 dumper has eye-catching styling with generous cab window area.

The cab is a new design offering maximum operator com­fort and convenience and complying with the ROPS/FOPS safety standard. The large window area ensures an excellent all-round view. The seat is ergonomically designed and can be individually adjusted to suit the operator’s size and weight.

The automatic transmission and retarder controls and the dumping control lever have a sensitive action to permit precise control of the dumper. On the well-positioned, easily legible touchscreen display – the machine’s actual operating situation can be checked without distracting the driver. The display can show the image supplied by the reversing camera, which is standard equipment, or actual temperatures, engine speed, air conditioning settings, time display, number of dumping operations or daily operating hours.

The high-quality front-axle suspension and shock absorber units, rated to withstand the toughest tasks the dumper is called upon to perform, are another feature contributing to pleasant operating conditions.

Liebherr components for key technologies

The TA 230, like all Liebherr machines, reflects the Group’s policy of manufacturing components in-house for the key technologies.

Liebherr hydraulic cylinders have proved their reliability in tough construction-machine operating conditions; they are used on the new Articulated Dump Truck model for dumping and steering movements. With its powerful dumping cylinders the TA 230 can discharge the contents of its dump body reliably in under 10 seconds and return to its initial position just as rapidly. The approved steering cylinders, also of Liebherr’s own design and manufacture, ensure directional stability and safe steering response even when working on very difficult terrain.

The machine’s electronics use a large number of modules manufactured in-house: the central machine computer, the I/O units and the built-in service and diagnostic systems.

The connection between the front and rear sections of a Articulated Dump Truck is exposed to the most severe loads. To ensure the necessary strength and rigidity in a tough day-to-day working environment, well-proven Liebherr slewing rings are used in this important area.

Low-cost transport, efficient maintenance

A most valuable feature is that the dumper’s transport width including the rear hatch is less than 3 m. The TA 230 can therefore normally be moved from place to place quickly and easily without needing a special permit. Maintenance and servicing work on the new TA 230 takes very little time. The cab and engine hood have electrohydraulic tipping mechanisms for easy, fast access to all maintenance points.


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