Well positioned

Dear Readers

The beginning of the year was clouded by the financial and debt crisis so that it is difficult to make clear predictions for a positive economic growth. After a successful year in 2011 for the construction and building machinery industries – the same applies to the mining machinery industry – the German Machinery and Plant Construction ­Association (VDMA) expects moderate growth in this sector also in 2012.


According to Dr. Christof Kemmann, who was the chairman of the trade association ‘Construction Machinery and Equipment’ within the VDMA until November 2011, the experience gained during the last crisis has shown that the branch could “trust in its strength”. It is “well positioned and prepared for the future”. Read more about it on the pages 27-33.

You will find reports on the use of high-quality machinery and plants from international manufacturers under the ­category Focus Industry with our current main topics sorting (p. 48, p. 58) as well as screening and sizing (p. 52, p. 53, p. 59).


Outstanding international events will again be on the agenda also in 2012. Amongst other things, we would like to draw your attention to the specialist conference Sensor Based Sorting 2012, which will take place for the fifth time in Aachen from 17 to 19 April 2012. The event will focus on sorting processes, “which will detect different features of the feed by means of an intelligent sensor technology and which will selectively discharge positively identified components” (p. 21).

Together with you, we are looking forward to an exciting year in 2012 and wish you success and the best of luck as regards all the future challenges and projects!


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