MB Crusher Buckets run through India

The first motorway connecting the cities of Hyderabad-Bangalore will be built using MB crusher buckets (Fig.). The motorway will be approximately 600 km long, with 3 lanes in both directions, and will represent an important change in India as the country will benefit from a fast and greater flow of communication, transportation and commerce networks, which up until today have been carried out mainly by sea. The MB buckets work using the hydraulic system of the excavator they are fitted up, and, unlike traditional crushers, offer significantly reduced transportation and waste disposal costs, thus allowing inert materials to be recycled. In order to build the motorway, it was decided on the BF120.4 bucket, which will be used to produce the stabilized pavements every 50 km. The peculiar feature of the BF120.4 is that it is the only piece of equipment capable of reducing the size of crushed granite from 20 to 4 cm.


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