Call for papers

3rd Potsdam Solid-Liquid-Separation Days 2010, Potsdam/Germany (15.–16.07.2010) 

The task of separating solids from liquids plays an important role in all fields of the process industry, sewage engineering and environmental protection. Frequently the mechanical solid-liquid-separation has its place in the process chain between crystallization/precipitation and drying as regards product recovery. Solid-liquid separation is used both for product recovery and the treatment of sewage flows.


These topics will be dealt with and discussed during the 3rd Potsdam Solid-Liquid-Separation Days. However, not only the theoretical fundamentals will be dealt with but also especially the application methods with corresponding examples from practice. We kindly ask you to assist us in organizing the event and to submit lectures covering, amongst other things, the following topics: theory of filtration, separation technology, filter units, precipitation, flocculation, filtration, cake filtration, settling filtration, sedimentation, thickening, centrifugation, flotation and compacting.


Texocon GmbH, Potsdam (D), Tel.: +49 331 2374-601,



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