New material for conveyor belt repairs

REMA TIP TOP´s programme includes REMA GOO, a new product which helps to speed up conveyor belt repairs. REMA GOO is a specifically designed solvent-free two-component polyurethane repair paste, which comes in a double cartridge, and is applied to the repair area using a cartridge pistol (Fig.). Its components are homogeneously mixed during application, and react with one another in a short time. The hardening time of REMA GOO depends on the ambient temperature, and can be shortened by heating up the repair area. The material stays elastic. It shows no signs of fatigue or ageing. It does not shrink after application and is resistant to UV-rays. REMA GOO with its elastic properties prevents the repaired injuries from opening up, even in particularly stressed areas such as driving and tail pulleys. REMA GOO hardens up to approx. 60 Shore A, which equals the hardness of conveyor belt rubber covers.


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