Department of Mineral Processing RWTH Aachen University

In my opinion, the predominant topics for the next ten years will be energy, water and production volumes. Deposits of the most important metals (and also of industrial minerals) are becoming poorer, more complex and more finely interstratified. These facts will necessitate a higher throughput per unit of product, and finer crushing and grinding. The result of these two factors will be an increase in the energy input necessary per product unit. Energy-economical comminution technologies (e.g. the material bed roll mill and the agitated ball mill) will, on the one hand, increasingly be used to...

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Mineral Processing and Recycling – 7 and 8 November 2019 in Freiberg, Part 1

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Mobile Mineral Processing Equipment: The State of the Art (Part 1)

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Mechanical high-velocity comminution by VeRo Liberator® technique for efficient particle liberation and size reduction

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Lucrative deposits in the Erzgebirge

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