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Fifty years of interesting factual reporting from research & development, theory and practice, as well as the industrial application of processing machinery and technologies for a broad readership is a significant achievement. So a hearty „Congratulations!“ The design, structure and content have become even better since the June 2009 edition. With the subtitle, „Processing of mineral resources“, the editorial team intends to formulate unequivocally the journal‘s new orientation. Whether this is a good decision, in our age of recycling and secondary raw materials, is debatable, in my opinion, however. Secondary raw materials are already an important source of materials and their significance will continue to increase. Their recovery makes great demands on preparation technology. Conserve the tried and proven, create and promote innovation - these are my concepts for the future of AT.


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Theory and practice drifting apart

When operators of construction vehicles meet, they talk plainly about their equipment, its performance, its handling characteristics and ergonomics. With new machines coming onto the market,...

Issue 09/2013

Nordhausen Secondary Resources Workshop

The 6th Nordhausen Secondary Resources Workshop (Fig.) will take place from 17. -18.10.2013. As in previous years, it will be opened on the first day of the event at Nordhausen’s long-established...

Issue 01-02/2013

Latest findings from the research and practice of secondary raw materials processing

Just under 60 experts from industry, science and research took up the invitation issued by Prof. Dr Sylvia Schade-Dannewitz and her team from the Department of Environment and Recycling Engineering...

Issue 01-02/2013

Berlin Recycling and Raw Material Conference

Executives and experts of plant construction, disposal and raw material management, from science, politics and administration will meet for the sixth time at the Berlin Recycling and Raw Material...

Issue 09/2010

Theory and practice

Drying in mineral processing

1 Basis principles of drying technology During the drying of solid, free-flowing materials, the key objective is to separate the materials from any moisture. The moisture is generally water, but can...