Experience for more than 20 years

Although allmineral is relatively young compared to AT INTERNATIONAL, the company can look back on 22 years of know-how in conceptualizing plants, sales and distribution, and process management and service. allmineral is continually developing and improving upon the patented technologies, and this makes the company, along with AT, one of the global leaders specializing in the processing of primary and secondary mineral raw materials such as gravel, sand, ores, coal and slag. Since the late 80s when the first allmineral gravel jigging machine was put into operation, the world has undergone dynamic changes – and so have AT INTERNATIONAL and our processing technologies. One of the biggest projects, an enormous processing plant built for the Sishen Expansion Project in South Africa, has 24 alljig® jigging machines that produce an impressive 4000 t/h. allmineral guarantee that the alljig® jigging machines will produce an export quality of 64  % Fe, even when the raw material iron content is only 50  %, thereby tapping into additional mining potential.

allmineral has consistently focused on the core technological aspect of the processing process: sorting, because it is what determines both the products quality and allocation, and thus its profitability in the end. Over the past twenty years, allmineral has developed a line of patented, one-of-a-kind systems that have stood the test of time, and are being used in various ways all over the world. Two product lines in particular have made their mark on the global market: the alljig® jigging technology that uses pulsating streams of water to sort various raw materials, as well as the allflux® fluidized bed technology that sorts large flow rates by density and by hydraulic classification. The innovative allair® air jigging machine has won people over with its completely dry processing technique and is considered the most innovative and effective machines of its kind (Fig. 1). allmineral‘s exclusive gaustec® magnetic separator, part of the the latest WHIMS line, makes it possible to effectively separate ores and industry sands according to their magnetic properties. Around the globe there are currently over 400 alljig® jigging machines, 100 allflux® fluidized bed separators, 60 allair® air jigging machines and 50 gaustec® magnetic separators, all working dependably and efficiently.

A key requirement for allmineral‘s global success is its local presence in the most important raw materials markets in the world. Through its subsidiaries in the strategically crucial markets of Poland, South Africa, the US, and as of recently, India, allmineral is able to do business directly and locally. In the other important world markets, allmineral is present via selected distributors and service partners. The company increased the involvement in the Indian market at just the right moment, as India is one of the few expanding national economies in the world, with 7 % growth in the current year, and with a steel industry that has an insatiable need for raw materials. In June 2009, allmineral founded the subsidiary Asia Pvt. Ltd, which is responsible for distribution, project management and service in India and all of Southeast Asia.

Strong local partners are just as important. For a number of years now allmineral have been successfully collaborating with the Indian machine producer Hari Machines Limited, which locally manufactures the company systems throughout Asia. allmineral and Hari Machines developed, produced and installed a plant with 11 air-pulsed alljig® jigging machines and 4 gaustec® magnetic separators for iron ore processing, with a throughput rate of 11 million t/a, for the third largest steel manufacturer in India (Fig. 2). Altogether, over 30 ore and coal processing-related projects have been completed in India since 2005 – a success that once again proves allmineral to be the leading expert in mineral raw materials processing. Currently, the CIS states are becoming relevant again, as the last few orders demonstrate. Case in point: allmineral installed 2 alljig® jigging machines for slag processing in a plant in Cheliabinsk (in the Urals). In another plant in Kazakhstan for chrome ore processing, 2 other alljig® jigging machines will soon be taking care of business.

The continuing worldwide need for raw materials will no doubt affect the demand for innovative processing technology in future. Since the resources available are both increasingly difficult to access and increasingly contaminated, there will be new technological challenges ahead - ones allmineral is well prepared to take on wherever they take place around the world.

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