Full pockets for constant handling rates

Higher conveying volume with minimum cleaning expenditure – the use of solid-rubber belt pockets for the operation of continuous conveyors is a conveying technology still hardly known (Fig. 1). Recently a company in the lime industry was so convinced of this that they immediately ordered 70 of these pockets for conveying systems from the manufacturer REMA TIP TOP Material Handling GmbH. The rubber pockets, which are suspended with a steel frame in the transport chain of the handling system and which are discharged automatically, have a larger capacity than corrugated edge belts as well as a consistently high handling rate with almost double the lifting height. The wear- and corrosion-resistant properties of the flexible solid rubber prevent coating of the material being conveyed.


Efficiency is already ensured during manufacture, which consists of various steps that are characterized by high accuracy: each individual operation, i.e. the preparation of the rubber-lined lateral sections reinforced by steel plates by perforating, adhesive applications to the scorched rubber lip profile and, not least, the adaptation work (Fig. 2), stands for the highest quality and reliable, durable use. Attention is paid to short manufacturing times as well as to an exacting final inspection after which the pockets are packed and secured for transport and delivered to the customer. Then the pockets are then simply suspended in the vertical conveyor with rotating transport chain making practical use of their steel frames (Fig. 3). Whether the material to be conveyed is abrasive, lumpy, fine or tends to build up, an increased resistance to wear, characterizes materials handling with solid-rubber belt pockets. The fields of application in mineral processing, in the chemical and metal-processing industries are varied. If companies are interested in this product, experts will be ready to give advice without obligation regarding the use of the special rubber pocket in new continuous conveyors or in conveyors already in operation.


REMA TIP TOP Material Handling GmbH,

Offenbach (D), Tel.: +49 69 989456-0,

E-Mail: hubert.grossmann@rtt-mh.de


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