Held at Messe München, the bauma – the world’s leading trade fair for the construction and mining machinery industry – traditionally serves as a home game and highlight of the trade fair calendar for REMA TIP TOP: This year, the company will be presenting itself with an innovative exhibition stand. On top of that, it will host a 320 m2 in-house exhibition at its headquarters in Poing, only 10 km away from bauma. The focus is on integrated product and service solutions to increase sustainability and productivity along the customer’s entire value chain.

For 2019, bauma has defined sustainability in the construction and mining industries as one of its core themes. With its wear-resistant products, repair materials and services for the entire raw material extraction and conveyor technology, REMA TIP TOP can make an important contribution to this. “We produce products the customer can rely on in the long term: High-quality wear protection is an important component of our customers’ profitability, as material consumption is significantly reduced and service life is greatly increased,” says Günter Busse, Head of Global Product Management, in describing the possibilities that REMA TIP TOP offers. Critical system components exposed to higher loads such as material transfers in particular have optimization potential in many production processes.

In addition to product solutions, service is increasingly coming to the fore: At bauma, REMA TIP TOP will present a unique system for digital, proactive monitoring and maintainance of conveyor systems with modern sensor technology from REMA MCube and the associated REMA CCube software. The conveyor system goes through the cycle of “monitor," "maintain" and "manage" (MCube). The reporting that is based on this consists of the phases “command," "control" and "communicate" (CCube).

Digital and cloud-based monitoring enables plant operators to detect and eliminate critical loads at an early stage in order to prevent belt damage. In addition to the service life of the material, productivity can also be increased: With REMA MCube downtime caused by unexpected damages such as longitudinal rips can be significantly reduced. Through a fast automatic shutdown the length of the damage is limited and the repair can be performed within a reasonable period – in the main conveyor section a decisive factor in securing availability and productivity of the entire system. For this purpose, REMA TIP TOP offers REMA TIP TOP conveyor belts of the brand DBP which are fitted with sensors, as well as electronic monitoring systems.

RMS – The REMA modular wear protection system for medium to heavy duty applications in bulk material handling

For operators in the mining industry, quarries or sand and gravel works, it is a common annoyance: abrasive material, which is transported and processed in their plants, leaves traces of wear in many places in the production process. Dump truck bodies, bunkers, chutes, loading points, funnels, hoppers and silos are affected by the enormous mechanical stresses in continuous use. And the wear protection used, often does not bring the desired effect and must be replaced after a few months. To improve this, REMA TIP TOP has developed a modular wear protection system that offers long service life even in demanding applications: RMS-MP-70.

The clever part of the modular system: in the event of punctual damage, the modules can be replaced individually thanks to their uniform size, which considerably reduces operating costs compared with the large-scale replacement of a lining. The installation is simple: the trapezoidal elements are interconnected like a puzzle. Their overlap ensures a stable construction that prevents fine material from entering between the parts.

The RMS-MP-70 rubber design is a combination of highly wear-resistant rubber material and an underlying orange signal layer (wear indicator): "REMA PERFORMANCE line 70 is a material used in areas of high wear and impact because of its excellent abrasion resistance", explains Johannes Klöpper, Product Manager at REMA TIP TOP. "REMALINE 40 orange as a softer substructure is characterized by its high elasticity." The orange signal layer acts as an indicator of wear and tear in order to plan maintenance measures in good time. A five-millimeter-thick steel support plate on which the rubber material is vulcanized ensures secure attachment and also protects against material migration.

So far, REMA TIP TOP offered the modules in a total thickness of 80 mm. "After the RMS-MP-70 has already proven to be a heavy wear protection in practice, we also wanted to enable customers with medium-heavy applications a modular wear protection solution," explains Johannes Klöpper. To meet this demand, REMA TIP TOP has recently introduced modules with a thinner version of 40 mm. Their field of application is sensitive plant components, in which the grain size of the conveyed material and the impact energies are slightly lower.

REMA TIP TOP offers the modular system under the product name RMS-REMATHAN-G90 based on polyurethane, especially for applications in the wet sector, where it is important to protect equipment and components against sliding wear and caking and where oils and fats play a role. The module thickness is also 40 mm.

Another novelty for even longer tool life and less caking: hybrid wear protection modules with highly wear-resistant ceramic elements, which are embedded in a special rubber matrix according to the principle of the proven REMALOX-HD series from REMA TIP TOP. These are available in two thicknesses, 40 and 80 mm. Johannes Klöpper recommends the rubber-ceramic combination especially for transfer points with small impact angles of up to 40 degrees: "The RMS-REMALOX-HD modules are ideal in these areas. There is virtually no abrasion. On the other hand, the rubber bed absorbs the impact. We combined the best of both materials."

The modular wear protection system RMS-MP-70 is manufactured in the German REMA TIP TOP plant in Fürstenzell near Passau and is available worldwide. The modules have a size of 300/600 by 600 mm.

REMA TIP TOP in action: Live demonstration and factory tours

A highlight at the exhibition stand will be live demonstrations of RMS: The modular wear protection system guarantees long operating times with minimum maintenance requirements – even in demanding applications with broken or sharp-edged material. Visitors will be shown on site how, in the event of excessive strain, individual modules can be easily replaced upon an indication from the monitoring system – all without having to carry out a large-scale lining replacement. At bauma, REMA TIP TOP will also be presenting other products from the material processing sector that are optimally tailored to customer needs. Examples include REMALOX HD wear protection for absorbing impact energy, or the rubber lining material REMA PERFORMANCEgrip.

Less than 10 km east from the bauma echibition grounds, REMA TIP TOP customers can get even more comprehensive information at the company’s own in-house exhibition on the premises of its headquarters in Poing: On more than 300 m2 of exhibition space, many more products and innovations from the material processing, surface protection, belting, and automotive sectors will be presented. A special highlight will be the morning factory tours where visitors can experience elastomer products from A to Z. Registration for these can be done via the new “REMA Connect” App. It has been available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for a few weeks now, and offers users product information, company updates and various value-added features relating to REMA TIP TOP’s trade fair appearances.

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