High-capacity screening in a compact footprint

ROTEX Global, Inc. has introduced the line extension to the MEGATEX XDTM Screener, a high-capacity screening solution designed to provide greater throughput and reliability than conventional screeners in a compact footprint (Fig.). The line extension for the MEGATEX XD provides increased capacity in a small area measuring 9‘ x 9‘ x 12‘, continuous operations at high temperatures, and maximum screening efficiency. The machine is ideal for a wide range of highvolume applications with demanding screening requirements, including chemical, plastics, abrasives and many other high volume applications.


The compact machine also results in lower installation costs and reduced maintenance expense. The stacked multi-deck configuration allows individual tray access without the need to remove all decks. A lift-rail system with non-binding stainless steel cam activation enables easy screen frame installation and removal. Single deck screen changes can be completed in 10 minutes. The easily accessible external drive allows maximum product recoveries at material temperatures up to 205 °C (400 F). The drive is a single reaction cartridge with two spherical roller bearings designed for long life in severe duty environments. The MEGATEX is supported by a shaft suspension system that is constructed of sturdy industrial U-joint bearings and no-maintenance, low-torsion center springs. Construction is available in MS or 304SS.


The line extension for the MEGATEX XD accurately separates coarse to fine particulates from 1/4‘‘ to 325 mesh (6.3 mm to 44 µm). The machine utilizes a unique long-stroke, low-frequency gyratory screening action that maximizes screening efficiency. The force level produced by the motion creates equal feed distribution to all screen decks and effectively spreads material across the entire screen surface. The motion also produces effective ball mesh cleaning for maximum blinding control. Additionally, the low-frequency, gyratory screening action produces very low noise levels – far lower than those produced by vibratory screeners.

ROTEX Global, Cincinnati, OH (USA),

Tel.: +1 800 453 2321, www.rotex.com


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