Efficient and compact

With a length of 10.1 m, a width of 2.55 m and a height of 3.80 m, the ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 2001 (Fig.) ranks among the compact trommels. The wheeled mobile plant with a weight of 13.4 t has been designed as a tandem trailer and, consequently, is easily manoeuvrable. Due to the adjustable pneumatic travelling gear it can be moved through difficult terrain without any problem. Within 5 minutes the three conveyor belts can be unfolded and the complete plant is ready for operation. With a capacity of up to 150 m³/h, many different materials, such as soil, sand, slag, gravel, crushed stone, waste, stone as well as min-eral waste, can be efficiently screened down to 2 mm. There is the option of an aperture width of between 2 and 80 mm. With these compact dimensions, the excellent performance parameters of the ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 2001 are mainly due to the double drum, which enables screening of 3 fractions in one cycle.

The special feature of the double drum is its design. The rugged inner drum is the reason for the stability and strength of the double drum. Therefore, the outer drum can be covered with wire screen cloth, which allows many possible configurations of the screen surface. Starting with harp screens of
2 mm up to square mesh screens of 80 mm, almost any screen configuration is possible. Depending on the field of application, the screen wires vary between 2 and 6 mm. In order to increase the screening variability, the inner drum may be additionally covered with wire screen cloth. Thus, the plant operators can individually adjust the ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 2001 to their requirements. The wire screen cloth can be changed easily and quickly. The small handling dimensions as well as the low weight make it possible for the wire screen cloth to be drawn along and to be changed without any problem. Another special feature is the active principle of the ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 2001. In its double drum the material is uniformly distributed by the inner drum and is continuously picked up and taken along in the direction of rotation. Thereby, the screening surface is used in a more effective way and the material has a longer retention time on it. Furthermore, the wire screens have a larger passing surface, which results in a selective and exact screening in 3 fractions.

The amount of screened material has to be discharged from the machine via special conveyor belts. The conveyor belts for the fine and middle fraction are sidewall belts. Due to their cassette shape more material is conveyed as compared to conventional belts. Furthermore, both conveyor belts are running at almost the same speed. Thus it is ensured that the material volume is discharged from the machine depending on the material distribution of the fine and middle fraction. The conveyor belt frames are made of rugged, galvanized hollow sections to cope with the high stress caused by the belt speed of approx. 2 m/s. The wide grip-face belt of the coarse fraction has been designed in such a way that it will resist the heavy oversize and discharge it from the machine. ZEMMLER® Siebanlagen offers an extended conveyor belt for the medium fraction as an option. Thereby, the throw-off point of the material is raised and more distant from the plant. This leads to quintupling of the volume of the angle of repose, which is particularly useful in case of a high material portion of the medium fraction.

The power for the double-drum screening plant ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 2001 is supplied by an IVECO-Aifo diesel engine of 60 kW that drives the hydraulic pumps of the hydraulic system developed by Sauer-Danfoss. The engine runs at constant speed, thus keeping the consumption and the operating costs low.

ZEMMLER® Siebanlagen, Großräschen (D),

Tel.: +49 35753-26566, www.zemmler.de


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