Automated online analysis

Summary: For large mass flows, found, for example, in the form of primary raw materials (coal, ores etc.), real-time analysis of element content is of crucial importance. Over the entire process chain – from extraction of the raw materials, through processing, to loading of the “product” for transport to the customer – it is necessary to control and adjust ­individual process steps accordingly. In this connection, besides the analysis of purely ­physical properties (moisture content, weight etc.), automated monitoring of the chemical composition is also possible in real time, as the following report explains.

1 Introduction

As a versatile method for online analysis of chemical values, laser emission spectroscopy or, as it is otherwise known, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, (LIBS for short) has proven highly effective. But so far this has not been available to the market in the form of an automatically operating module. With the help of this technology, it is possible to continuously monitor the chemical composition and therefore the quality of material flows that up to now could only be incompletely or not monitored at all. With the availability of the online measurement results, the...

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