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The new Rotomax RX150 logwasher has been launched by CDE Global offering increased levels of attrition to a range of materials as a result of a number of new design ­features. The Rotomax logwasher was first introduced on washing projects within the quarrying and construction and demolition waste recycling sectors in 2003 and the completion of this latest product development program sees the introduction of the third generation Rotomax (Fig. 1). The Rotomax is a dual shaft system driven by a single motor, drive and gearbox which ensures lower ongoing maintenance costs, maximum attrition of materials within the system and easy synchronisation of the gears. The most significant new development with the Rotomax RX150 relates to the construction and arrangement of the shafts and paddles within the unit (Fig. 2). The paddles are constructed from high chrome cast iron. This is the same specification of material as used in impactor crushers and exceeds the specification of paddles within other logwashers available on the global market.


Another design innovation within the Rotomax system is the fan arrangement of the paddles on each of the shafts. Each paddle is off-set from the previous one and they are configured in such a way that the blades intermesh with each other as the shafts rotate. This ensures a consistent load on the bearings rather than intermittent high impact between all the paddles and the material being processed. In addition to maximum attrition of the material within the system this also offers a new level of protection to the shafts, bearings and gearbox due to the subsequent reduction in intermittent shock loads. The Rotomax RX150 has a capacity of
150 t/h and can be applied in the processing of a variety of material including sand and gravel, crushed rock, construction and demolition waste material and various mineral ores. The new system is already operational on a number of projects including two construction and demolition waste recycling projects in England for Grundy & Co. Excavations in Widnes and Jacksons in Preston. In addition to this the RX80 model has been successfully introduced to a project processing claybound waste from crushing processes at Gleeson Quarries in Ireland. Two of the new Rotomax RX150 logwashers are also in operation on an iron ore washing project for Mineral Enterprise Ltd in Bangalore/India. The heavy attrition of the iron ore particles is effectively removing very plastic contamination from the surface of the iron ore, thus increasing the Fe value the direct result of which is greater efficiencies in the steel manufacturing process.


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