Proven technology
and state-of-the-art design

The Stock Equipment Company has been part of the Schenck Process Group since 2006. This company has long been a leader in shock pressure-proof systems. The MULTIDOS® High Pressure Gravimetric (HPG) weighfeeder is the result of collaborative work between the two companies (Fig.). It is a new generation of weighfeeders resp. coal conveyors resistant to 3.5 bar shock pressure. State-of-the-art mechanics and new design elements with enhanced software technology and extended control functions have been added to the MULTIDOS® HPG weighfeeder. For example, the MULTIDOS® HPG‘s tension roll and active belt steering system maintain belt alignment. The belt is also centred in the event of an uneven distribution of load. This removes the need for a V-guide and extends the belt‘s service life. An internal belt scraper has been incorporated to extend the life of the drive components. And the drives can now be fitted on the left or right in the field.


An inlet (610 mm, 914 mm or 1000 mm wide) ensures an even flow from the coal bunker. Structural explosion protection is enhanced by sloped or rounded internal surfaces and prevents coal build-up on
the inside of the weighfeeder.
The MULTIDOS® HPG features DISOCONT® Tersus feeder electronics with enhanced software technology and extended functions for optimum control of gravimetric feeders. The final element of the design concept is that is designed in line with NEC, CE and ATEX requirements to offer state-of-the-art safety.

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