Efficient and reliable dry compressed air

Atlas Copco launches three new desiccant air dryer ranges. These were designed for efficiency with low pressure drops and delayed dryer cycles. Additionally, high performance and a constant pressure dewpoint – even at full load – are guaranteed under any condition. The new products include two ranges of heatless desiccant dryers, the CD 25+-145+ and the CD 110+-300+. The simple design and working principle guarantee reliability of these compact desiccant air dryers, even in harsh conditions. The third new range is the blower purge dryer BD 100+-300+; built for energy-efficiency and endurance. By using heated ambient air for regeneration, this dryer range keeps the energy cost minimal. Installation and service are simplified thanks to easily accessible internal components, straight-forward installations and the use of durable materials (such as butterfly valves), extending maintenance intervals and minimizing costly production downtime for installation and servicing. The Elektronikon® controller is equipped with a user friendly interface and navigation system. In addition, free online visualization enables remote monitoring, allowing for anticipation of operating and maintenance needs.


Atlas Copco Kompressoren und Drucklufttechnik,

Essen (D), Tel.: +49 201 2177-0, www.atlascopco.com


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