Rotamill showcasing innovations at the Hanover Fair

Rotamill Anlagen- und Ventilatorenbau GmbH will be exhibiting at this year’s Hanover Fair, the leading trade fair held from 04.-08.04.2011, in the section for surface technology in Hall 6. Rotamill‘s flue gas purification systems achieve internal thermal efficiency exceeding 95 %. This means energy that can be recovered and fed direct to the flue gas puri­fication process. The pressure loss and overall energy requirement are ­minimized by proprietary-developed and tailored technologies. At the Hanover Fair, the spotlight will be on the new ECO-class series of oxidizers, which are available as low-cost standard solutions (Fig.). Their key features are easy operation and compact design. The ECO-class series is suitable for flue gases to a temperature of 80°C and a maximum pollutant concentration < 3.5 g/m³. In addition the Rotamill team will provide information about the PRIME class oxidizers, which are designed according to the customer’s specific requirements.


Rotamill Anlagen- und Ventilatoren­bau GmbH, Siegen (D), Tel.: +49 271 66123-0,


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