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The wide range of mineral processing and the ­continuous challenge to improve processes and products once again become apparent in this issue of AT INTERNATIONAL.


Immediately after the extraction of the mineral raw materials, for example in the quarry or in gravel works, the extracted material is transported to other locations for further processing. This aspect is dealt with by Dr. Joachim Harder in his Review of ma­terial handling equipment in the rock and aggregates industry (p. 42-52). Flexible technologies, which are both environmentally sound and require low costs for energy, maintenance and wear, are increasingly in demand for the transportation between the place of extraction, the crusher and the processing plant.


The article by Dipl.-Ing. Jan Lampke (p. 54-61) deals with Improving the quality of raw and waste materials with the application of pelletizing processes. Based on examples from various branches, it is shown how the handling, processing and functional properties of agglomerates can be improved.


The Increased efficiency of cyclones used for the recovery of valuable materials or for emission reduction is the topic of an article by Jlio Paiva and Romualdo Salcedo from the University of Porto (p. 62-71). The authors have developed a model to predict the realistic separation efficiency of a gas cyclone based on specified operating parameters.


If you can also report on innovations or increased quality and performance, we would be pleased to receive your reports.


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