Intelligent sensor systems

Efficient use of raw materials by applying innovative ­sensor technologies­


The challenges for sensor technologies and their integration in the raw materials industry have been focused and explored by research assistants at RWTH University of Aachen in an interdisciplinary research group. This group has looked at wide-ranging sensor system technologies to concentrate and further develop the expertise acquired from the different disciplines. In addition to the transfer of experience, goal of the research group “Sensor technologies in the raw materials industry – SiR” is to optimize existing sensor technologies for applications in the raw materials industry and consequently to ensure efficient use of raw material resources long-term.

1 Introduction

The fundamental finiteness of raw materials in the geosphere is forcing efficient exploitation of raw material deposits and improved recycling technologies. Growing industrial nations, higher living standards and the perpetuation of the ­economic strength demand an assured and adequate supply of raw ma­terials. The crucial role in this field is played by the respon­sible handling of available primary and secondary resources. With the application of modern technologies, raw materials are extracted, used and recovered more efficiently, and consequently they constitute significant...

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