Innocrush 35 – in action in Bulgaria

Messrs Videx has been founded in 2001 and is now one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in the field of drilling and blasting operations. At the beginning of 2011 they wanted to enlarge their offer of services, so that they can also provide the processing of the won material. At the moment Videx is one of the few companies who can accept and execute bulk orders really successful, for example the highway in Trakia. It is essential that the crushed material is of excellent quality and that the machine is working reliable. Previously an Innocrush 35 has been rent from a neighbour company to put the crusher through its paces. The mobile impact crusher from dsb Maschinenbau GmbH exceeded the expectance of the managing director of Videx, Emil Mikov: “Perfect cubic material combined with the unique throughput, it was no difficult decision to order an own ­Innocrush 35.”

The material which is at the moment blasted for the ­STRABAG group in the quarry of Silvnica is dolomite stone combined with loam and soil. The Innocrush 35 achieves an enormous throughput even with this problematic and sticky material (Fig. 1). The capacity of the Innocrush 35 in this field of application, which is measured by the laser-­controlled volumetric flow measurement on the main belt, is more than 250 t/h. “In addition to the product quality and the attractive price it is very important to have a contact person on site who is fast at the place of operation”, says Emil Mitkov, referring to the company VIP Logistic, who is the distributor of dsb in Bulgaria. Correct handling of the crusher by the persons who are operating the machine, the guidance of the optimal use of wearing parts and the right adjustment in combination with the material to crush and also the constant contact with the customer are basic conditions for satisfied customers – VIP Logistic and dsb Maschinenbau GmbH fulfil these aspects with 100 % (Fig. 2).


With transport dimensions of 11.6 m length, 2.55 m width and 3.22 m height and a gross weight of 35.5 t the plant is ready for operation within 20 minutes and can be transported fast and uncomplicated from field to field. The driving power is provided by an eco-friendly, high-ca­pacity CAT-C11 diesel engine (287 kW). Auxiliary drives like conveyor belts and crawler track are powered hydraulically. A magnetic metal separator above the 1200 mm wide main belt, which separates metallic parts of the crushed material is also standard equipment just as remote control, side belt and a dust elimination system. You get a full equipped machine without extra costs. Additionally the main belt is hydraulically lowerable to ensure an easy and fast access. Whether recycling in the field of road construction and demolition or the processing in stone or gravel pits, the Innocrush 35 is universally applicable.


dsb Maschinenbau GmbH, Linz (A),

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