Russia places its trust in know-how from Austria

The company BT-Wolfgang Binder has set up for “baumit” a sand processing and mixing plant for building materials in Russia (Fig. 1) and has successfully entered the market as general contractor. The Austrian building materials group Wietersdorfer & Peggauer Zementwerke GmbH (brand name baumit) placed an order with BT-Wolfgang Binder to set up a sand processing and mixing plant for building materials in Russia. This new plant with a value of about 5 million Euros is located in Kikerino (approx. 80 km west of St. Petersburg) and has an annual production of about 50 000 tons of mortar, adhesive and various screeding compounds. The new production site in Russia was officially inaugurated on 8 July 2011 (Fig. 2).

There a modular plant concept was used, which was developed by BT-Wolfgang ­Binder and which had already been used successfully in Latvia and Byelorussia. The individual ­modules had been pre-assembled in Austria to minimize the erection and commissioning time at the site.

With the slogan “START–EXPAND–MOVE” the scope of plant will be expanded in the modular design system (Fig. 3) and adapted to the corresponding market situation. With a positive market development, a stationary plant will be installed instead of the modular one. Then the modular plant will be dismantled and can be erected at a new site. When changing from a modular to a stationary plant, the production downtime will be a maximum of 2 weeks. Due to this flexibility it is easier for the customers of BT-Wolfgang Binder to enter new count­ries and markets.

The fact that an order was placed with BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH by a large German building materials group to erect a plant in modular design at the South Urals shows that this plant concept has proved to be a complete success in the market. This plant will be commissioned early in 2012.

Heinrich Fuchs, managing director of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH: “As general contractor in plant construction we provide support to our customers from planning up to commissioning and beyond. Customized plants, consistent further development as well as flexibility have priority for us in order to meet the requirements of the customers and to extend our markets.”


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