Mineral Processing Seminar 2012

The committee of mineral processing experts from the Austrian Mining Association (BVÖ) will organize the annual, two-day specialist seminar in Leoben from 26 to 27 January 2012. This time the general topic is: “Production control in mineral and secondary raw material processing”. Representatives from science, the basic materials industry and the supply industry will discuss in 18 specialist lectures the state of the art as regards the control of product flows in mineral and secondary raw material processing. The focus will be more on the description of the product flow in the sense of material contents and physical features than on the description of the plant condition, which had already been a topic at last year’s seminar (automation in the mineral raw material industry). The goal of this specialist seminar is to enable an intensive exchange of information for experts from the mineral and secondary raw material industries, the machine manufacturers and plant construction companies as well as for students and lecturers from advanced technical colleges and universities.


Thus, the main topics will focus on the determination of material flow characteristics by means of incremental sampling and inline/online material flow description. An essential contribution will also present the more and more favourable online analysis methods to determine the material flow contents of the overall material flow. Apparatus manufacturers and representatives from industrial plants, which use these technologies, will discuss the limits of application of the PGNAA, NIR, RFA and PFTNA technologies and of online particle size analyses.


Within the framework of two evening sessions (25. and 26. January), there will also be the opportunity to exchange special information in a relaxed atmosphere. A specialist exhibition will be part of seminar to offer companies of the minerals secondary raw material industries, apparatus manufacturers, plant constructors and the university the opportunity to exhibit innovations as regards the topic of the seminar. Information about the stand conditions will be available from the Mining Association.


Particularly good lectures will be published in a subject issue “Processing” of the Mining and Metallurgy Monthly (BMH). For information as regards submission and acceptance of manuscripts please see the information for authors in BHM or contact the BVÖ. The journal of the committee of experts “Der Aufbereiter 2012” will introduce the lecturers and exhibitors, the members of the committee of experts, graduates and students from the faculty of Leoben Montanuniversität as well as innovations and main areas of research of the Chair of Processing. The list of participants, abridged versions of lectures and seminar presentations are available on a CD-ROM.


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