Sustainable protection of valuable resources

According to financial experts, prices for industrial raw materials will continue to rise in 2012. The primary reasons for this can be found in the increasing shortage of raw materials. To combat this shortage, the German government has initiated the “Resource Efficiency Network”. Primary objective of this scheme is to create more environmental awareness in industry and advance the development of environmentally friendly products. But no concrete legislation has been passed as yet. Nevertheless, more and more companies are taking voluntary action and introducing recycling systems to utilize materials as efficiently as possible and therefore minimize raw materials consumption. These companies include Schulte Strathaus and its subsidiary Cyrus, which develop and manufacture all their products with the aim of sustainably protecting the environment.


For the bulk solids and mining industry, modern environment management systems are a challenge. The reduction of dust emissions and the protection of natural resources play an important part and are increasingly regulated with legislation. True to its slogan “Solutions – clean and green”, the Schulte Strathaus Group surpasses existing requirements. In its bulk solids handling division, for instance, the company has developed belt scrapers which, thanks to the patented twist-swing function, boast 30 % higher scraping efficiency than comparable systems (Fig. 1). The scraped material is collected and returned. Special belt conveyors have been designed such that they can be closed for conveying bulk solids. This substantially reduces dust emissions.


The fire protection and sealing systems as well as vibration equipment are geared to the saving material and lowering energy consumption. The subsidiary Cyrus has specialized in the development and production of screens and vibrating equipment (Fig. 2). These materials are used to screen out sand so it can be reused. These machines are used mainly in the recycling industry.



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