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Production of high-compressed secondary raw materials

Summary: The following paper addresses the briquetting of metal chips to highly ­compacted secondary raw materials. The test methods used for characterization of the waste types and the required product quality are a basic source of information for the ­following processing stages. Based on the example of metal chips, agglomeration in a high-performance briquetting press is described, and the possibilities and limitations of the application of this press are discussed. The tests with aluminium chips in a commercial-scale briquetting press from ATM Recyclingsystems conclude this article.

In times of steadily rising raw material prices, increased research efforts in metal recycling are also of enormous importance in economic terms as many of the secondary raw material streams in this sector contain sometimes considerable metal fractions. In addition, our civilization’s “hunger for raw materials” is contributing to a shortage of raw materials from primary deposits, which makes the metal content of these secondary raw materials nothing less than indispensable as a source of raw materials to meet the needs of the European market.


The processing of these metal-containing waste...

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