Secondary Resources Workshop in Nordhausen

From 18.-19.10.2012, the Nordhausen Secondary Resources is being held for the fifth time. The event will be opened traditionally at the rooms of Nordhausen’s old-established brewery with a guest lecture by Prof. Helmut Flachberger, Montan University of Leoben/Austria, on electroseparation in secondary processing as well as a contribution to the discussion on the optimization of waste incineration plants by Prof. Karl. J. Thomé-Kozmiensky, vivis CONSULT GmbH Nietwerder – followed by a convivial get-together afterwards.


Key topics on the second day of the event, which will be held at the facilities of the August Kramer Institute at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (Fig.), are the analysis of waste-derived fuels and new process developments in material recycling. Another item on the programme will be the presentation of the new research modules of the joint research project of Nordhausen University and its Altenburg-based partner Schulz & Berger Luft- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH on the recycling of lightweight materials. Contact person for further information and registration is Dr Jürgen Poerschke: Tel. No. +49 (0) 3631 420 402, E-Mail:



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