Congress for filtration and separation community – WFC11

The 11th World Filtration Congress (WFC11) in Graz/Austria will embrace the international F&S community for five days from 16.-20.04.2012. The first day is foreseen for four technical courses on the topics of “The Solid-Liquid-Separation Process”, “Fine dust Separation”, “Membrane Filtration & Separation” and “Centrifuges for Solid-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid & 3-Phase-Separation” presented by leading experts.

Three and a half days, from 17.-20.04.2012, are planned for the technical Congress and Exhibition. More than 350 technical presentations are expected and a major international exhibition featuring 100 exhibitors from the world wide filtration and separation industry as well as manufacturers of particle measurement instruments and equipment of related industries presenting the latest innovations and technology. The afternoon of the last day, on April 20, is reserved for a post-congress plant tour the ANDRITZ Headquarter in Graz. On the tour participants will be introduced to major workshops and the manufacturing process at ANDRITZ.



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