36th Information Meeting on Blasting

On 25 and 26 April 2014, the 36th Information Meeting on Blasting is taking place. Focus topics at the meeting are:

Drilling and blasting from the application fields of demolition, rock engineering, quarries, tunnelling, mining, crude oil/natural gas and seismic exploration

Properties, testing, and application as well as current development trends regarding explosives and ignition products

Current developments in pyrotechnics

Regulations and laws in connection with the production, use and storage and transport of explosives and pyrotechnic objects.

The attendees from Germany and a number of neighbouring European countries include field professionals in drilling and blasting as well as pyrotechnics, representatives of institutes, authorities, education and training institutes and manufacturers of blasting materials, ignition and pyrotechnic products.  A company exhibition with well-known manufacturers and suppliers from the blasting and pyrotechnics industries provides an overview of the current market situation.

Prior to the meeting, two workshops on the following topics are being held on 24 April 2014:

Track and trace of explosives – implementation of EU directives in blasting operations

Rock engineering: design of rock engineering sites with drilling and blasting projects in environments with challenging emission situations

Further information is available on the Internet at //www.sprengverband.de" target="_blank" >www.sprengverband.de:www.sprengverband.de


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