For over 90 years now the products from AUMUND Fördertechnik, Rheinberg, are to be found at the core of the minerals processing industry, from heavy apron feeders handling mined ore from mining dump trucks to the primary crusher and at every stage in the preparation and beneficiation process through to storage and export. Plus at the port of entry AUMUND are also involved with the intake, storage and distribution to the process plant offer-ing the miner and processor handling solutions at every stage of the logistic chain. In recent years AUMUND have consolidated their ­established position in the cement and steel industry and reinforced their historic connections in the minerals and mining sector with an expanded dedicat-ed Mining & Minerals Department headed by Dr. Michael Mutz.

Apart from the heavy duty apron feeders at the mine site, AUMUND Group equipment is found in and around the process plants. Recent successes include projects with OCP in Morocco, Potasio Rio Colorado S.A. in Argentina, MBAC Fertilizer Corporation in Brazil and Eurochem VolgaKaliy in Kotelnikovo Russia for example. “The right technology, rapid availability, longevity of the products and an attractive price were decisive for the contracts award to AUMUND according to the assessment by Dr. Michael Mutz”. In these projects ­AUMUND equipment is handling phosphate, potash, potassium and urea. All these materials are difficult to handle being both highly corrosive and hygroscopic. The AUMUND equipment including drag chain conveyors and chain bucket elevators for material transfer to silo storage or between process plant levels solves these conveying problems offering both high performance and reliability. “Contracts such as these bear witness to AUMUND’s expertise in the handling of difficult bulk materials based on decades of experience and continual introduction of modern conveying technology solutions.”, explained Dr. Mutz.

SCHADE Lagertechnik, Herne, renowned for their automated stacker and reclaimer equipment for large handling rates, large storages and in all industries also have a track record in the fertilizer industry. Recent deliveries are for companies such as OCP Morocco, Safco (Saudi Arabian fertilizer company), Alexfert (Saudi Arabian fertilizer company) or the Helwan Fertiliser Company. For all of these projects SCHADE have delivered portal reclaimer designs for longitudinal ­storages with recovered rates typically up to 800 t/h. Larger units are supplied handling potash for example at the ­Neptune terminal in Vancouver with reclaim rates to 3000 t/h. The stockpile is generally enclosed but for the storage of sulphur prills external storage is adequate, as used for a recent project in Russia where two combined stacker/portal scraper reclaimers were supplied each with a 65 m rail span and each handling 600 t/h, installed at the Astrakhan Gazprom Plant. This is an interesting design where the stacking and reclaim booms share a common portal frame, travel gear, rails and tripper conveyor making the equipment cost very competitive in applications where simultaneous stacking and reclaim is not required.

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd., the former B&W ­Mechanical Handling, Ely England, are also active in the fertiliser market and have supplied a number of mobile ship loaders handling urea and finished fertiliser product e.g. to Sorfert Algerie (Algeria) and Hallrey Commercial Limited in Finland. In addition the SAMSON mobile ship loader was very recently delivered to Refineria ISLA Curacao BV for the export of sulphur pellets, used to make sulphuric acid which is a core element in fertiliser manufacture such as for example phosphates and ammonium sulphate. The flexibility offered by mobile handling solutions is of course very attractive for short term projects or where specific market conditions demand a fast track solution without fixed port or terminal infrastructure. Completing the picture at the port of entry SAMSON have recently delivered a pair of dust controlled eco-hoppers to Jurong Port in Singapore which will handle a range of bulk cargoes from grab discharge including urea plus other minerals through a shared terminal facility. Sulphur is a potentially hazardous material with high fire risk requiring special measures in the equipment design and specification observing ATEX rules with regard to explosion proof electrical equipment in high risk areas and equipotential grounding to eliminate the risk of sparking.

The synergy of the AUMUND Group product range, including SCHADE and SAMSON, is clear to see within the mining and minerals industry. From the as-mined rock intake to the primary crusher in the mine through the preparation plant and onward by truck, rail or ship to the process plant often located on another continent, AUMUND can handle the raw material logistics.

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