AirScrape controls dust and material at a dolomite plant

Conventional skirting is pressed against a conveyor belt so that dust and material stays in the middle of the belt when it reaches a belt transfer point. But after a certain time, wear at the skirting and belt can be so severe that material and dust can escape. The result is unnecessary spillage of material and formation of dust. This used to be the case at Rump & Salzmann Gips-werk Uehrde GmbH & Co. KG, which operates a dolomite quarry in Uehrde. Here, at the transfer from the rotary crusher to the belt conveyor, there were always big problems with dust and material losses. Several tonnes of material spillage had to be removed at this transfer point every three months. Repeated maintenance was required at the transfer point and the belt skirting.

Finally, operations manager at Rump & Salzmann, Uwe Schridde, contacted ScrapeTec. Following an assessment of the situation on site, AirScrape was installed (Fig.). AirScrape works according to a completely new principle, it hovers 1-2 mm contactless over the belt. Through the diagonally fitted plates and the speed of the running belt, air is drawn from the outside inwards, as a result of which neither dust nor material can escape. As the system works in a contactless arrangement, there is no wear and the system can therefore operate perfectly without maintenance.

Even three years after the installation, hardly any traces of wear can be identified at the side skirting. Uwe Schridde reports: “We are more than satisfied with the results. The dust and material spillage problems are resolved. Since the installation there has been no longer any reason for maintenance or cleaning work.”



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