Universal application possibilities

Combination of ARJES Impactor 250evo and TEREX Finlay 863
for powerful recycling company

W‌enzel-Bau GmbH from Lichtenfels-Goddelsheim is a medium-sized construction company in the northern Hessian district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, which operates as a third-generation family business with 6 employees. As early as 1990, the current managing director Andreas Wenzel began to specifically expand the segment of construction waste processing. For this purpose, Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung supplied a powerful, highly flexible machine duo consisting of the compact universal shredder ARJES Impaktor 250evo and the heavy-duty screen TEREX Finlay 863. Since then, the track-mounted plant technology has proven itself in the most diverse application configurations – individually or in series.

Over more than 30 years, Andreas Wenzel has worked hard to gain the experience that is important for his regional market. In order to then implement the investment budget precisely for the needs of his company, Wenzel-Bau also always relies on individual expert advice. “Efficient work always requires the provision of modern plant technology, and we cannot and do not want to afford any unnecessary experiments. Powerful, reliable and universally applicable is what our customers expect of us and that is exactly what we demand of our machinery,” Andreas Wenzel sums up.

Both the field service specialist responsible for the region, ­Johannes Ett, and Managing Director Sven Brookshaw inspected Wenzel-Bau’s individual conditions on site. This paid off for everyone involved: Especially at the recycling yard, which is now an important pillar of the company, Moerschen was able to contribute custom-fit solutions. The advantages are quickly – but none the less impressively – summarised: “The constellation of ARJES Impactor and TEREX Finlay 863 suits us perfectly,” says Lukas Wenzel. The 22-year-old master bricklayer represents the third generation at the Goddelsheim company.

With the duo of TEREX Finlay 863 heavy-duty screen and ARJES Impactor 250evo, Wenzel-Bau maintains the greatest possible variety of application options. It is precisely the combination of two separate plants that contains the core of possibilities that is so eminently important for an agile small medium-sized company – in contrast to a combined crusher-screen plant, for example. The sequence of the machines can be easily changed in the depot. Depending on the requirements, for example, the crusher can be fed with asphalt recycling and the screening plant can be connected downstream. Conversely, with the heavy-duty screen upstream, construction waste, for example, is screened first so that only the portion that really needs to be crushed reaches the shredder.

This flexibility is the basis for Wenzel-Bau’s ability to cover the entire spectrum of material acceptance: This includes asphalt rubble, soil, waste, wood and building rubble. And the latter, of course, can contain everything from fence wire to reinforced concrete to granite gravestones. Father and son Wenzel were particularly impressed by the passage of concrete with a high reinforcement content: “We were amazed at the massive metal parts that can be easily picked up by the ARJES impactor. With earlier generations of machines, it was not unusual to have to work on them manually with an angle grinder. For the most part, this is a thing of the past, and that’s a good thing, because we are the last stop here. We often don’t know what we get delivered in detail – but even the deliverers would often be amazed at what has been thrown in there at the place of origin on the construction site,” explains Andreas Wenzel.

In Wenzels’ experience, individual pieces of debris can have a volume of 1 m3 and weigh more than 1 t. It is extremely helpful that the ARJES impactor can be moved via a simple remote control. This allows the wheel loader operator to move the compact shredder forward, feed large debris directly and return to its original position without getting off. Because both plants can be fed with the wheel loader, one machine is now sufficient on site, whereas in the past an additional excavator had to be available.

But the application options are far from exhausted: with its low weight of only 14 t and a hydraulically lowerable chassis, the compact ARJES impactor can be driven to construction sites on a small truck without a special permit or even by hook-lift truck. Here, Wenzel-Bau can crush construction waste on site and immediately reinstall it, for example, for backfilling excavation pits or building roads. “We considerably reduce the amount of material that has to be transported, especially since, according to BImSch, we are only allowed to crush at our depot for 10 days a year,” explains Andreas Wenzel. The TEREX Finlay 863 heavy-duty screen, which weighs a good 18 t and can also be transported with Wenzel-Bau’s capabilities, has been selected accordingly. In addition, the Goddelsheim company has several exchangeable screen decks so that the plant can also be used solo, for example to screen sand and thus always be able to use optimal material upgrades of the recycling chain.

“Of course, we thought long and hard before investing heavily in new plant technology – but it was the right way to go,” ­Andreas Wenzel reports: “We can offer much more cost-­effectively, while at the same time accepting a wide range and delivering a high quality of processed products for recycling and construction. One element of the path was and is the excellent technical support provided by Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung, praises Andreas Wenzel.



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